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Criteria for Award of Fellow of Academic Council of Occupational Therapy (FACOT)

The Fellowship of ACOT is awarded to the professionals in the field of Occupational Therapy for their outstanding contribution in research and academics.

  • A member of AIOTA, who fulfills the laid down eligibility criteria specified below, may apply to the Dean of the Academic Council of Occupational Therapy, on the prescribed form before 31st August of every year.
  • The Dean ACOT will scrutinize the application of the member and on establishing the eligibility to become Fellow of ACOT, recommend his/her name to the EC of ACOT.
  • The recommendation of ACOT EC will be submitted to AIOTA EC for final approval. Dean ACOT would notify the decision of AIOTA EC to the applicant.
  • The Prescribed Fee of INR 10,000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand) only, shall be payable by the applicant after approval of the Award.
  • The payment should be made by Demand Draft/NEFT in favor of AIOTA payable at Mumbai.
  • The recipient of fellowship will be honored as a “Fellow of the Academic Council of Occupational Therapy” (FACOT). The award usually is presented during the inaugural session of the Annual National Conference or General Body Meeting of AIOTA. The award carries a Certificate and a FACOT shield.
  • On the basis of merits maximum 2 FACOT will be awarded every year.
  • Minimum processing time after submission of the application is 3 months.
  • The decision of the ACOT followed with approval and /or non-approval from AIOTA EC will be final & binding
  • May contact Dean ACOT for information &/or any queries.


  • The applicant must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to submit request
  • The self-attested copy of supporting documents including AIOTA membership certificate should be attached with the application.(The application may be submitted in soft copy by e-mail, but It is mandatory to submit hard copy of the application with all supporting self-attested copies of documents)
  • The title page of the application should carry the justification in brief, that the applicant is fulfilling the eligibility criteria for award of Fellowship of ACOT

The Applicant must fulfill the following ELIGIBILITY Criteria (1, 2 & 3) for submitting request for Fellowship of ACOT:

  • 1. He/ She should be a continued & uninterrupted member of AIOTA for not less than 15 years with minimum qualification of Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy & / or OT related specialty. However, the Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from AIOTA /WFOT accredited institution is mandatory.
  • or

  • 1. He/ She should be a continued & uninterrupted member of AIOTA for not less than 12 years with minimum qualification of Ph.D. in OT related areas but post professional Master’s degree in OT & / or OT related specialty is essential. However the Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from AIOTA /WFOT accredited institution is mandatory.
  • 2. He/ She should have at least five publications related to the field of Occupational Therapy as an Author/Contributing Author in the text books and/or Principal Author in the indexed journals.
  • or

  • 2. He/she must have held a recognized faculty position in Occupational Therapy, for not less than 10 years & not lower than Asst. Professor/ Lecturer in an AIOTA/WFOT accredited OT
  • And

  • -> He/ she should be principal guide of minimum five post graduate students in AIOTA accredited Master’s program in OT and minimum 5 publications as Principal author or Associate author in the text books or in the indexed journals.
  • or

  • -> He /She should have minimum three paper presentations in national/international conference and conducted minimum two COTE/CME/Seminar/Workshop/Short Courses on OT related specialties as a “Resource Person.” in an institution of repute.
  • 3. Only those members can apply for Fellow of ACOT whose membership has not been withheld or suspended and there have been no disciplinary proceedings against the member due to any reason.

Additionally following merit points will be considered for eligibility criteria to prioritize the selection of applications:

  • Exemplary scientific contribution to the OT profession by doing research in basic and/or related subjects in Occupational Therapy other than retrospective clinical studies.
  • Recipient of number of awards for presentations in AIOTA/ International OT related conferences.
  • Number of Publications in indexed national/ international journal of Occupational Therapy/Presentations in AIOTA /National & international conferences.
  • Distinguished Awards and Honors in recognition of academic achievements by national and international organizations.

FACOT Application Form

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