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(The following information’s & regulations has been updated on 1st April, 2010) (TO BE RET AINED BY THE MEMB ER)

  • The MEMBERSHIP FEES (w. e. f. from 1st April, 2017) are as follows:

    • Life Membership Rs. 8000/- + Application Charge Rs. 500/- = Total Rs. 8500/-
    • Urgent Life Membership Fee Rs.12000/-plus application charges Rs.500/-(Membership shall be given within 15 working days)
    • Renewal of Membership Fee- Rs. 5000 & if late to Renew- Rs. 5500
    • Overseas Life Membership US $ 500 + including application charges in its equivalent Indian Currency at the rate in force at the time of submission.
    • Renewal of NRI Life Membership Fee- US $300 & If late to Renew- US $350
    • Provisional Membership Fee: Rs.8000/-+ Rs.500/-

  • The Life Members are entitled to voting rights.
  • Any future changes in address or contact nos., names should be intimated immediately to the AIOTA Web Administrator for necessary corrections on the AIOTA Mailing list.
  • Non- receipt of AIOTA Communication should be brought to the notice of AIOTA Web Administrator/Editor-in-Chief IJOT immediately.
  • On becoming the Life Member, the member shall receive one Membership Certificate, ACOT Registration Certificate, Membership Card and an AIOTA Badge.
  • On becoming the Life Member, the member will be entitled to concession in the registration fees to participate in National OT Conferences or other workshop organized by AIOTA, contest for the Executive Body of AIOTA and will be eligible for obtaining License Verification & Letter of Good Standing for jobs abroad.
  • The Life Membership will be valid for a specified duration and will not hold good after the specified term. Currently it is 15 years of uninterrupted life membership.

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