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Imran Maniar Respected Madam/Sir, Can you please assist me with the following query? Background Information I have completed my Bachelor degree of OT from University of Western Sydney (4 years full time course, Sydney, Australia), which is accredited by WFOT. I am currently working as an OT in Melbourne, Australia (approximately 8+ years experience). Education and Working credentials I have worked with client having different health conditions and needs (across most age groups), in quite a range of area including inpatient, outpatient, rehab (cardiac, neuro, upper limb, paeds etc), hand therapy, aged care, home modification, equipment prescription etc. Assistance request The reason for me email is, I am planning to visit Mumbai in October-November 2011 with the intention of migrating back to India (depending on family and work conditions). Can you please assist me in answering the following queries? • Can you please let me know if I can register myself as OT in Mumbai/India and if yes what is the procedure? • Is it possible to get contact details of OT practicing in Mumbai and/or India? • Can I possible meet some OT and if possible, observe them practicing in the different areas (just to have a feel of the way things are practices in different countries)? • Details of manufacturers/suppliers of OT/products in India with contact details if possible? Thank you for following up with my request, I am looking forward to hear from you. Please contact me if you need any more information Kind regards Imran Maniar Senior Occupational Therapist Phone (Mobile): 00 61 404 254 086 Email: Dandenong North Melbourne Australia