Continuing Occupational Therapy Education(COTE)
Topic Resource Place Year
Biofeedback as an adjunct to conventional therapy. Prof. I.R. Kenkre Delhi 1994
Advanced Technology in OT Dr. P. V. Rege Delhi 1994
Design & Analysis of Clinical Trials. Prof. Kannapan Mumbai Dec.1996
Advances in Occupational Therapy in India. (Along with WFOT interim meeting)
1.Advanced C.B.R. : Indian perspective. Prof. I.R. Kenkre Delhi Dec.1997
2.C.B.R. in Rural India Dr. Sobha Chaco
3.OT for drug de-addiction Dr. Z.D. Ferzandi
4.Geri care in India Dr. Ona Vyas
Hands on workshop on hand orthotics Dr. S. P. Desai Delhi Dec.1996
Sensory Integrative therapy fordevelopmental disability. Dr. Anjali Joshi Lucknow Jan.1997
Recent advanced in Neuroscience Dr. Urvashi Shah Lucknow Jan.1997
Recent advances in mental health in adult conditions Dr. Rajani Kelkar Calcutta Jan.1998
Recent advanced in mental health in children Dr. Bijliwala Calcutta Jan.1998
Introduction to sensory integration theory and practice Dr. Anjali Joshi Delhi April.1998
Introduction to NDT for developmental disabilities Dr. Jyothika.N. Bijlani Delhi April.1998
Role of OT in cumulative trauma disorder in UL Dr. P. V. Rege Chennai Jan.1999
Psychosocial Rehabilitation intervention & research in OT Dr. Pratibha Saraph Jan.1999
CBR: Indian perspective Dr. Pankaj Bajpai Mumbai Jan.2000
Cardiac Rehabilitation yesterday, today & tomorrow Dr. J.S. Kale Mumbai Jan.2000
Management & Rehabilitation of oncological problems Dr. Aruna P. Tole Nagpur 2001
Person with Disability Act-95 & role of OT Dr. (Mrs.) S. Jaywant. & Dr. P.P. Ukey Orissa Jan.2001
Physical Agent Modalitiesas an adjunct to OT Dr. A. Srivastava(Org. Secy.) Lucknow Oct.2001
Application of computerized work simulator for work assessment & work hardening Dr. Anita Gupta Coimbatore Feb.2002
Cognitive & Rehabilitative Model in the treatment of substance related disorders Dr. Z.D. Ferzandi Coimbatore Feb.2002
Cognitive Retraining in Traumatic Brain Injury Dr. Odette Gomes Bangalore Feb.2003
Occupational Therapy Intervention in Autism. Dr. Ashwini Vaishampayan Bangalore Feb.2003
Learning Disability: Current Trends Dr. Rajeev Nandy New Delhi March.2004
Hemophilia Rehabilitation Dr. Jaya S. Kale New Delhi March.2004