AIOTA Conference

AIOTA has been conducting annual national conference that provides opportunities every year to occupational therapists from India and Overseas, to report on the innovative research work in the areas of academics and practice; thereby enabling professionals to share ideas with fellow-colleagues. This aims at blossoming research culture in India in the near future.

This year’s theme of the conference ‘Occupational Therapy: Glories of Past and Challenges for the Future’ is best suited to this event. Occupational Therapy has grown by leaps and bounds in the past many years and developed as an independent profession that too even without any significant patronization from the government. We have observed manifold development in academics, service delivery & technology and above all, the research development in India in recent years, but still we have miles to go to meet the challenges of the future. Statutory provision in form of Central Council still remains a major challenge for OT’s in India. AIOTA Conferences are the excellent platform to share, interact and learn from our national and international counterparts & make an impact.

The National Conferences of AIOTA with international participation is aimed to provide an important channel for exchange of information between researchers which influence the health delivery, welfare and education with the development of excellence within the profession in India. The success of the conference not only depends on it being responsive to the professional needs and issues but participation of the members is the key to positive outcome. I am sure you all will be there on this much awaited grand academic event of AIOTA at the beautiful historical city Jaipur. OTICON’2017

​also will promote knowledge dissemination with scientific contributions from researchers, educators and practitioners for growth of OT in India.​"​ for further information on conference visit

Conference - 2018

OTICON 2018 - Forms

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